An Age Discrimination Lawyer Located in Los Angeles

We are at a point in society that people of all ages are needing to find employment, even in the city of Los Angeles The young sixteen year olds who are just starting out in the work force to gain a bit of independence and learn the value of managing money as well as the older generations who have dealt with financial burdens and are back out on the search for a job. Less people are retiring at sixty-five and have still having to work. There are people in their forties who have been let go of at their place of employment due to budget cuts who still need to find work. These are the people who tend to be discriminated against. The older you are the more jobs do not want you, because they either feel as though you won’t be around long or that you are not as able to do the job well.


You should contact a labor law firm Los Angeles Broslavsky & Wienman, LLP if you feel like the only reason you were not hired or that you were fired is because of your age. That is illegal in the state of California. You cannot be discriminated against just based on your age. A Los Angeles age discrimination attorney knows that it is not only about getting fired or not hired. It can also be them not giving you raises or promotions solely based on your age, getting less pay due to their age or being victims to a company’s policy that is designed to discriminate against those who are older in the work force.