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It is emotionally devastating to go through a divorce on the involved parties and children. In addition, divorce proceedings are expensive and time demanding. However, there is an alternative to the emotional wrecking court divorce; collaborative divorce. Yes, there is a possibility of separating and at the same time remaining whole. Only the best of attorneys will provide you with this option instead of rushing to court. Anton Legal Group in Florida is a firm that advocates for collaborative divorce.

What is collaborative divorce?
Divorce is often portrayed as a courtroom drama. Collaborative divorce, however, is a drama free, out of court resolution, where parties agree to end the marriage and amicably make decisions through negotiation. Such decisions may regard sharing of assets. A collaborative divorce eliminates tension and conflict between parties.
It is way cheaper than adversarial litigation, takes less time and shields children from emotional anguish. Each party has to have their own collaborative divorce trained attorney and there is a neutral mediator to conduct the negotiations.

Anton Legal Group is a family law firm in Tampa, who is a trained and experienced collaborative divorce lawyer. This is best firm to approach in Tampa, Florida, in case your considering to get a divorce. There is more information on its website