Criminal Defense Law in LA

Domestic violence occurs when an individual abuses of a family member or loved one. This can include abusing a spouse, a partner in a relationship, roommates or anyone the individual has children with. Domestic violence is a violation of certain protective measures ordered by the court – can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on injuries and claims. If you are accused of domestic violence, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. A bond will be conditioned, and you will have to appear before the judge.

Although the degree of abuse may vary, anybody sentenced of domestic violence will face legal consequences. Therefore, if you are accused of this crime, the first step of your defense is to hire an experienced lawyer with a good reputation. A domestic violence defense legal counselor will break down what you can expect during the legal proceedings. There are many ways to pursue a defense case in order to get your case rejected or receive a reduced sentence. If you are in need a of defense lawyer in the Los Angeles area, consult the Kestenbaum Law Group for more information.