Defective Products Law and You

Defective products can cause a lot of injuries, and an area of the law handles these cases. The name of this area of the law is product liability, in which distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers are held responsible in case that defective products cause injuries in people.
Negligence and CPA in Defective Products

Both the law of negligence and the CPA will be used if the component parts of a product are defective. In these cases, the manufacturer of the product will be held responsible for the damage a defective product has caused.
Three Regimes
Product liability law is divided into three regimes:
– Contractual liability.- Fault-based liability.- Statutory strict liability.
A claimer can even use all of these regimes to get the compensation he or she needs. The CPA has also stated statutory liability for any defective product. If a claim is not available under the famous CPA, Eppsteiner Law APC  might use a common law claim. The CPA is very strict regarding defective products. If you need a defective product lawyer in New Jersey, Eppsteiner Law APC is your best choice.