Getting a Grandparent’s Rights Lawyer in Long Beach


Children need to see their families. It is good for their social skills, their sense of belonging, and their development. If you are a grandparent and you are being denied the right to see your grandchild, you may need to look into a lawyer. A Grandparent’s rights lawyer Long Beach would be your best option. You as a grandparent have the right to see your grandchild within reason. The courts look at a bunch of different factors to see if the child should be able to see their grandparents. If your child is not with the other parent of the child anymore and they are not allowing you to see your grandchild that is when you have the best case for grandparent’s rights.


A great way to see what options you have as a grandparent is to hire the Long Beach family law firm, Zwierzchowski & Nguyen. They will give you honest information about whether you have a case worth pursuing or not. They will need to know if you had a relationship with the grandchild before or if you are just trying to get access to the child now out of nowhere. The best way to get a case too is if one of the parents jumps on board with you agreeing that you should be able to visit the grandchild. Long Beach grandparents deserve to see their grandchildren.