Aerospace Law

Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC is a litigation law firm based in Seattle, WA. They specialize in several practice areas among which is Aerospace Law. Aerospace Law is the law that governs flights, air travel and the aerospace industry.

As aerospace lawyers, Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC  provides commercial, regulatory and insurance advice to clients which includes airlines, airplane and satellite manufacturers as well as industry financiers. They also provide litigation services in respect of same.

The law firm has a vast experience in sale and purchase of aircrafts, aircraft leasing, aircraft support and maintenance contracts, satellite operation contracts, satellite maintenance contracts among others.

The law firm advices clients on accident investigations and litigations as well as international licensing and tax policies. The law firm has litigated in America and abroad on virtually every issue that can arise in the aerospace industry. They advise several travel companies as well as government owned space agencies in America and abroad.

The law firm is very reputable and has one of the oldest and widest aerospace practices covering every field of aerospace law.

Why Charney & Roberts LLC is the Best Auto Accident Attorney in Cranford New Jersey.

Auto accidents can be a tramatising even in life, especially when it results in injury or even death. When you have an accident , you deserve compensation for the loss of a loved one or there is the need to get compensation for the disability,loss of income .It is advisable to engage a professional attorney to assist you win the case. Auto accident lawyer examine the case critically and ensure that the burden of proof is eliminated to prove that the motor vehicle accident resulted in injury or death. Theredore, the victim requires to be compensated by the insurance company. Charney & Roberts LLC is an excellent law firm when it comes to auto accidents cases. They have been practicing personal injury law in the Rahway area for years. They have helped thousands of people sove their cases in a positive way. If you need a personal injury lawyer, contact the attorney and have your legal problems solved.

Brain Injury

The signs for brain injury:

Nausea as well as dizziness

Severe headache

Numbness or weakness on one side of the body

Confusion and forgetting recent events and happenings


Pursuing of legal claims that involve brain injury

If either you or your kin has writhed a brain injury caused by another person at fault in an accident, it is important to consult experienced and qualified personal injury attorney in Albuquerque, from Caruso Law Offices, PC for the best legal guidance

There are two legal theories that a brain injury attorney will proceed to prove that your injury was out of someone’s carelessness. They legal theories include; negligence theory of liability and product liability.

David Anton Child Custody Cases

When divorce is sometimes inevitable, the only thing that comes to the mind of a concerned parent is the welfare and the custody of their kids. The children are the most important part of the family and to any parent. It is therefore important for a parent to try as much as they can to win over the custody of their kids.

Before one can be granted child custody, there are several issues that must be considered such as the best interests of the child, their welfare among others. Between the two parents, it is the duty of the courts to help child find the best parent who will keep them grow to be good people in the society.

For any parent that wishes to win over the custody of their kids, it is important to get a good firm to represent them. That way their chance of being their kids is improved. Anton Legal Group is a great firm that has a lot of experience in dealing with child custody cases in Tampa Florida, they will help you win over your kids’ custody.

Best Auto Accident Lawyers in Sutter Creek, CA

Auto accidents occur every day. An auto accident might leave you with serious injuries or result in wrongful death in unfortunate cases in addition to damaging your vehicle. When you are involved in a car accident it is as important to call your lawyers as it is to call your insurance company.

However, many people first try to handle insurance adjusters themselves and only turn to attorney services when things start getting out of hand. There are many confusing rules and regulations involved in accident claims and only a qualified attorney can help you through the entire process. Never wait for the insurance company to contact you after an accident. Remember that insurance companies don’t represent your best interest and that they will always try to get the best possible settlement for their clients. Never accept a settlement before consulting an attorney.

If you are involved in an auto accident, contact Redkey Gordon Law Corp, a personal injury firm in Sutter Creek, for a free initial consultation. They are experienced and highly knowledgeable attorneys who are experts in auto accident cases.

Spine Injury Legal Assitance

If you or a loved are suffering from spine injury due to a criminal act or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for related medical and personal expenses. Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter is here to help you if you have been the victim of this type of catastrophic spine injury.

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, common causes of spinal cord injury are motor vehicle accidents, falls, acts of violence, and recreational sports activities. Sadly, many of these accidents are due to negligence and therefore subject to legal scrutiny.

The medical and miscellaneous costs relating to spine injury can be enormous. Thankfully the skilled personal injury team at Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter can offer the legal assistance needed to bring a spine injury case into a court of law. Awards for these cases can cover hospitalization, ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, lost wages, counseling and psychiatric care, and more.

Take the first step to relieving the financial burden that comes with spine injury and getting legal restitution. Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter will be there along the way.

Bertoldo, Baker & Carter Law Offices: Prolific Attorneys Handling Las Vegas UBER Car Accidents

Since Uber unveiled its ride-sharing App, the platform has been hailed as a path-breaking solution to travel needs. However, auto accidents while taking Uber is inevitable. The Law Offices of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith has carved out a niche to represent clients who suffer injuries stemming from accidents involving Uber vehicles. Persons injured due to an accident caused by an Uber car in Las Vegas or Nevada need an attorney who is familiar with these cases. They can help you to recover a plethora dollars to compensate lost wages, vehicle repair, medical expenses, and psychiatric harm.

Ubers’ insurance policy has a glaring loophole; the coverage is only active when their vehicle has a passenger. The policy does not cover pedestrians and other accident victims involved in accidents with an Uber vehicle. An attorney will be required to ensure these victims are not disadvantaged by the insurance companies to get adequate compensation. As Uber gains the foothold in the bustling Las Vegas city Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith Law Firm is helping personal injury clients get the compensation they deserve.


Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP Brain Injury Law Firm

In the United States alone, there are around 1.4 million people who suffer from brain injury. Brain injuries could be caused by different reasons, from car accidents, sports activities, to work related instances.

If a brain injury has been caused by work related matters, and could have been prevented if an employer or company has complied with rules and regulations set by the state then this could be a subject for a lawsuit.

Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP specialize in handling these types of personal injury cases. The firm can handle the case and provide insight to clients as to what legal action must be done. The firm can be of assistance in negotiating with a worker’s insurance compensation claim, and they can also help clients assess other benefits that they are entitled to have under the law.

Brain injury cases are complex, they would require intensive research and this is what the firm is prepared to do. This firm qualified to handle brain injury cases due to the number of experiences that they have had with related cases.

What to do After Being Injured on a Cruise

Cruise ships are an extremely popular medium of vacation used by people today. For relatively cheap you can visit  some spectacular places. Unfortunately, as has been seen in the media recently, cruise ships can also be dangerous. There have been cases of injuries and even death occuring while the ship is at sea. Maritime Law protects cruise ship passengers or crew members who are injured on board. There are special federal and international laws that govern injury and death claims at sea. When your family member or a close friend is a victim of a ship accident or any other injury experienced while on board a cruise, you need to contact Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC immediately. They will guide you on how to report the accident and how to go about your injury case.

If you were injured on a cruise ship and are not quite sure what your next steps are, you should contact Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC. This personal injury law firm can help you understand exactly what options are available to you and will explain every step of the legal process.

Product Liability Information

The law firm of Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter, can help people that want to start a product liability case. Many people in the Las Vegas area have been the victim of defective drugs. When this happens, people can become sick or even die because of the drugs that they were given to use. It is crucial to have legal help to establish a lawsuit against the manufacturer. People will need to try to prove to a judge and a jury that the product is defective.

Research will need to be done to see if other consumers had the same problem caused by the item. If there is information to back up the claim then this can be very compelling to a judge or jury. People will sue for damages due to the product being defective. It can help to have medical evidence to try to show just how the individual has been negatively impacted by the drug.