Scammahorn Law Firm PC; Texas Tax Court Lawyers.

Facing an IRS audit without legal representation is among one of the poorest decisions you could make. Once the IRS rules you have not complied with your legal duty, your assets are seized. To add salt to injury, you may face criminal charges for being a tax defaulter. You cannot survive such a situation without a good tax attorney. For Texas residents, Scammahorn Law Firm, PC, is there to assist.

Every year Americans file their taxes dreading that they’ll receive a notice of auditing from the IRS via mail. An audit occurs when the IRS notice a discrepancy someone’s returns. We all know its very easy and quick for the IRS to leave you penniless. Their examination officer is usually on a mission to maximize your tax debt.

You, therefore, need a tax court lawyer to protect you and your loved ones. Good tax court lawyers will negotiate a good deal with the IRS, that is easier to pay than original debt amount. Finding a tax lawyer in Texas is easy but getting the right one isn’t. Scammahorn Law Firm, PC, a tax law firm in Tyler Texas, is the right place to go. Mr Scammahorn knowledgeable in tax law and has a success record of lessening his clients’ liabilities; saving them a lot of money.