Los Angeles Paternity Lawyer

When you need to establish paternity there is a high chance you will need to have a n attorney helping you. Why would you need to establish paternity? Paternity is the legal state of being the parent to your child. It allows you to be there to make decisions on behalf of the child, to see the child, and even to be financially responsible for the child. In Los Angeles if the parents are married paternity is almost never needed to be established, it is for when the child is born out of wedlock, and in that instance paternity needs to be established. The court then decides who the child’s parents are based on paternity.


It really would be in your best interest to hire a Los Angeles paternity lawyer to make sure that it is being done correctly. Paternity is also needed foe when the father tries to deny they are the parent, and try to get out of paying child support or taking care of the child. Whitmarsh Family Law, P.C. are a family law firm in Los Angeles that will help you in any way they can in your paternity case. There are a lot of benefits for the child to have both parents determined and allows you to have access to all medical history from both sides to see if the child is prone to illness.