OFAC Sanctions Lawyers – Zarkesh Law Firm, P.C.

In short, OFAC sanctions lawyers may have the ability to get OFAC sanctions charges dropped or even eliminated entirely.

Effective OFAC enforcement requires a coordinated effort between OFAC and law enforcement in both criminal and civil settings. If you violate OFAC regulations, it's important to seek legal representation from an experienced OFAC lawyer as soon as possible. OFAC's civil penalties are high enough that an OFAC litigation lawyer is your best chance at avoiding OFAC charges.

Under OFAC regulations, fines for civil violations can reach up to $250,000 per violation and criminal penalties may include a fine of up to $1 million and 5 years in prison.

That's why it's extremely important to hire OFAC sanctions lawyers with extensive OFAC compliance and OFAC enforcement experience.


If OFAC determines that an OFAC violation is willful (that you had the knowledge and intended to violate the regulations), then OFAC can issue a penalty of up to $1 million and/or 10 years in prison. If OFAC does find OFAC violations, your OFAC sanctions lawyers can help mitigate the OFAC penalties.


OFAC will look at OFAC sanctions attorney arguments that include whether OFAC failed to provide guidance, OFAC's actions were overly harsh or oppressive, OFAC's direction was not clear enough, OFAC has previously waived the penalty for a comparable violation, and whether OFAC considered reasonableness.