A Santa Ana Family Lawyer

 Are all the reasons to visit a family lawyer bad? Absolutely not. In fact, some of the best times to seek legal counsel are before you get married, during a divorce, or when you're creating a will.


Bad times to need a family lawyer? When your spouse unexpectedly files for divorce, when you're served with papers alleging abuse or neglect of your children, or when someone contesting your will goes to court.


In any of these difficult situations, you need experienced and compassionate legal guidance. You need a lawyer who knows the law and who will fight for your rights. You need a Santa Ana family lawyer.


You can hire a lawyer from California Family Law Firm, APC a Santa Ana family law firm. They handle all sorts of family law cases.


What type of family law cases do they take? Here are some examples:


-Divorce (both contested and uncontested)

-Child custody and visitation

-Child support

-Spousal support (alimony)

-Property division

-Domestic violence restraining orders

-Prenuptial agreements

-Postnuptial agreements

-Cohabitation agreements

-Qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs)

-Grandparent visitation rights

-Termination of parental rights



This Santa Ana law firm has a team of experienced family lawyers who will guide and support you through whatever legal challenge you're facing. They understand the importance of family and they'll fight to protect your rights and interests. Contact California Family Law Firm, APC today to schedule a consultation with a family lawyer.