Whistleblower Lawyer from Pasadena

If you have evidence to support one or more of these claims, you may have a case for wrongful termination. You will need an experienced Pasadena whistleblower lawyer to evaluate your case and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.


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What is whistleblowing?


Whistleblowing is when an employee reports their employer for wrongdoing. This could be anything from fraud to illegal activity. Whistleblowers are protected under state and federal law from retaliation by their employer.


There are many laws that protect whistleblowers, including the California Whistleblower Protection Act and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. If you have been retaliated against for whistleblowing, you may be able to file a claim against your employer.


You will need an experienced Pasadena whistleblower lawyer to help you navigate the complex legal process and build a strong case. It may be a long battle, but you should feel safe in your workplace for doing the right thing.